This is a life changing story so listen up!

Now that’s a charming story, but you’re not going to hear that on the news. So what it ends up giving to you, all this doom and gloom and drama, is a really skewed sense of how the world is doing. We think that really the world is a messed up place and, whatever your perceptions are, you know, feel free to hang on to them. In my opinion, 95% of
the planet is happy and healthy, and people are doing good things. It’s just that 5% we’re focusing on that is really unbalanced and unpleasant. And in my personal opinion, I’d rather live in that 95% of the world, where things are happy. It doesn’t mean that you have to close your eyes to these other things which is what we teach in You just have to be aware that the messages you’re seeing are not necessarily as accurate a representation of the world as you think they are. Now, why am I saying all these things?